culinary team building

culinary team building /
corporate bonding

Anthropologists often use the term ‘commensality’ to describe the special bond between people who eat together. It is well documented that food has the unique ability to unite people in a relaxed atmosphere. Coriander Leaf culinary team building / corporate bonding programs were developed with that point in mind. Suitable for inter-department team bonding, top management team building, client-relations, regional meeting gatherings, or as an ice-breaker prior to a workshop or the closing activity for quarterly meetings… we incorporate organisational objectives through the way we structure critical components within the programme.

The team building session is in the format of a fun cooking competition; where although it is not a formal activity, the program has been designed to include successful elements of team building throughout.

Assured participants will have an extremely enjoyable and memorable experience with endless opportunities to interact, communicate and coordinate with other members of the group.

Culinary Team Building Principles
The Challenge

Mission: To produce the menu below within a given time period. (make time sensitive decisions)

Rules of Engagement
Ground Rules: A Short Brief & Detailed Written Instructions (The Recipe) will be given to all participants.

The Process
Methodology: There will be 3 to 8 Teams of 6 to 8 persons. Each team will produce 3 dishes. At the end, all the Teams will have to work together to creatively present the dishes that they have made. (assign tasks – communicate, co-ordinate & negotiate)

The Solution
Assessment: The finished dishes. The facilitator will judge each team’s performance based on: · Timing · The Look · The Taste · The Plate Presentation . Teamwork . Wastage .

The Reward
Recognition: The group will celebrate it’s collaborative efforts over a
gourmet meal they have produced.

“Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress and working together is success”
– Henry Ford

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