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mezze 1


The Lebanese mezze pays tribute to the ancient produce of the Eastern Mediterranean…aubergines, chickpeas, spinach, garlic, olives…
Each appetizer can brighten up any lunch or party table. Together this glittering array of appetizers is all you need for a completley satisfying meal.

Hummus / Chickpea and tahini dip
Mouttabal / Roasted aubergine and tahini dip
Tabouleh / Tomato and parsley sald
Grilled chicken wings with a toum (garlic dip)
Kibbeh / Spiced meatballs with pine nuts
Spinach and phyllo triangles
Moussaka topped with yoghurt sauce and pine nuts
Shredded pastry roll with walnut and honey filling

mezze 2


More from the Mediterranean Garden…..
This second series of Lebanese dishes brings to you more of the fresh and light foods of the Eastern Mediterranean. You will be amazed by how easily these wonderful dishes will slip into your vocabulary of daily meals.

Batinjaan bi Rubb al-Rumman / Grilled aubergines with pomegranate & mint
Kibbeh al Hammam / Burghul & tomato kibbeh
Falafel / Fava Bean & chick pea rissoles
with yoghurt & tahini dip
Fattoush Salad /mixed salad with toasted bread
Ful Medames / Egyptian Broad Beans
Kusa Mahshi / Zucchini stuffed w/ herbed rice & lamb (&/or) chickpeas in a tomato-mint broth
Bacclava / Phyllo pastry layered with nuts & greek thyme honey syrup