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basic south asian


This class provides the fundamentals of simple, everyday home cooking in South Asia. The formulas given teach the essential cooking techniques required to master this cuisine in a simple and highly accessible manner. It displays the endless variety prevalent in this incredibly rich cuisine and provides a structure which not only allows but affords endless opportunity for innovation and play . Welcome to the mysterious world of Curries and Dals and Vegetables and Rice and Breads and Spices and… and… and……………….! 

Aloo Gosht / Beef or Lamb Curry with Potatoes
Chicken Curry with Coriander & Yoghurt
Masoor Daal / Red Lentil Puree
Bean ki Bhujiya / French Beans with Cumin Seed & Tomatoes
Bagharey Chawal / Basmati Rice Scented with Warm Spices
Kachoomar / Tomato & Cucumber Relish
Coriander & Mint Chutney
Sivvayyan / Sweet Vermicilli Pudding

south asian classics


From the royal kitchens of the Moghul Emporers to your own…
Despite their many differences, Iranian and Arabic cultures share the culinary tradition of marking special occasions by serving guests with a central dish of ‘pulao’ – a rich mix of rice, spices and meats. There are abundant and geographically dispersed variations on this theme, from ‘pilaf’ in Spain to ‘biryani’ in South Asia. The Mughal kitchens in 16th& 17th century India gave this dish it’s own unmistakable Indian spicing. In this course we bring to you a light and simplified version of this royal and festive dish. Served with a few accomapniments, your biryani can mark special occassions or make a satisfying family meal.

Chicken Biryani
Shami Kebab / Patties of Ground Beef & Split Peas in a medley of spices
Eggplant in Yoghurt with a Sizzling Oil
Saag Paneer / Homemade Cheese sauteed with Spinach
Shahi Tukra / Royal Morsel

south asian medley


An amalgamation of the cuisines of the many diverse regions of South Asia.
fragrant herbs and aromatic spices…captivating fragrances and intriguing flavours unifies this menu of a medley of South Asian dishes, …something simple…something rich…something spicy…all things nice…

Warm Fresh Corn Salad with Red Pepper and Fresh Coriander Leaves
Tomato Rasam / Delicately Spiced Tomato Soup with Split Peas
Karhai Prawn / Wok fried Prawns w/ Coriander seeds & Spring Onions
Pot Roasted Whole Leg of Lamb
South Indian Potato Hash with dry roasted mung beans
Vegetable Biryani
Stewed Dried Apricots w/ Creme Chantilly

monsoon wedding

Mango Salsa3

Learn to cook this menu which depicts the colourful mosaic and myriad of flavours of the South Asian culture.

Achar Chicken / Chicken cubes sauteed with pickling spices
Handi Kebab / Gently cooked strips of beef tenderloin marinated in medley of spices
Roasted eggplant & tomato mash
Karhi / Spiced yoghurt and gram flour soup
Kedgeree / Basmati rice with mung beans
Carrot halwa with whipped cream

south asia – the lighter side


“The greatest dishes are very simple dishes” – Escoffier
Simple, everyday home cooking – unlikely to be found in restaurants. Varying colours, textures and techniques. Each dish is easily adapted & incorporated into your regular repertoire or simply cook as stated.

Tomato Kut / Tangy tomato puree with quail eggs
Bagharey Baigan / Eggplants stuffed with pickling spices and tamarind paste
Fish Molee / Fish in ginger-coconut broth
Lightly pickled carrots with a sizzling oil
Chicken Sauteed w/ ginger and freshly roasted spices
Basmati rice scented with cumin seeds
Mango fool

british raj


Here is a fusion menu that goes back 200 years. Anglo-Indian food grew out of the difficult but fascinating encounter between the British & the Indians. Many of the ingredients are part of the Indian culinary list…however they are re-contextualized to create yet another cuisine in the pantheon of South Asian food. 

Mulligitawny soup
Curried prawns on fried toast
Mango and starfruit salad
Chicken jhalfrezi
Kofta Karhi / Spiced Meatballs in a aromatic curry of yoghurt and gram flour
Tehri / Potato and rice pilaf
Stewed brandied apricots

frontier works


Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province is dubbed ‘the land where the mountains meet’, and through this ancient land cut the Silk Route from China to the Mediterranean and the Spice Route between China and the Middle East. An extremely fertile valley assisted by the River Indus, the origins of the cuisine of this region is wide ranging – the wok from China, the tastes of the Moghul Emporers, the aromatic spices of Kashmir, the cooking is simple in it’s concept but complex in it’s flavours. This menu features kebabs from the Khyber Pass and other dishes that emphasize the essential technique of karhai more popularly know as ‘balti’ cooking. The karhai, a cooking vessel which evolved from the wok, lends itself to one dish meals, incorporating ingredients at hand quickly stir-fried with aromatic spices to produce an all-in-one meal served straight from the stove top to the table.

Chapli kebab / Minced beef kebabs seasoned with pomegranate & coriander seeds
Mint chutney with Pomegranate Seeds
Karhai chicken
Mung daal with spinach
Kabuli pulao
Loki raita / Seasoned yoghurt with squash
Masala bhindi / Stir fried ladyfingers (okra)
Firni / Rice pudding flavoured with cardamom and rose water

south asian adventure


The South Asian subcontinent has a highly evolved culinary history which stretches back 5,000 years. The cuisine has multiple regions and influences and is characterized by it’s sophisticated & subtle use of highly complex spices & herbs. Even street food has a richly developed variety and depth and can range from a light snack to a full blown meal, consumed from the early hours of the morning to well past midnight. This class is just a teaser into the colourful & endless adventure into the streets of South Asia!

South Asian Tapas
Spicy Lentil Soup
Phyllo Samosas w/ ground beef filling
Chaat – Spiced Potatoes & Chickpeas Salad w/ Tamarind Dressing
Pakoras – Chickpea Vegetable Fritters w/ Mint Chutney
Bun Kebab – Mini Hamburgers w/ Spiced Potato Cake
Dahi Bara – Lentil Patties w/ Yoghurt Sauce & Sweet Tamarind Chutney
Mint Lassi
Masala Lamb Cutlets w/ Potato & Eggplant Ratatouille
Kulfi – Creamy Ice-cream w/ Pistachios & Cardamom