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flavours of vietnam

shrimp low

Despite being deeply rooted in the cooking of China, influenced by neighbouring Thailand, the Vietnamese cuisine remains distinctive and unique. The extensive use of fish sauce, fresh herbs and the style of eating small pieces of meat or seafood wrapped in lettuce leaves or rice paper dipped in sauce gives the cuisine it’s dinstinctive character. By layering flavours and textures, along with the dipping sauces each ingredient remains seperate – when eaten together the flavours get transformed being spicy, aromatic and tangy all at the same time.

Grilled shrimp on sugar cane with coriander-lime dipping sauce
Sweet & sour shrimp soup with fresh herbs
Grilled beef with vegetable platter with Nouc cham
Ginger chicken with caramel sauce
Steamed sea bass with soy, ginger & scallions
Spicy lemongrass tofu
Starfruit & lychees in ginger wine



‘In food as in death we feel the essential brotherhood of man’-Vietnamese Proverb
Visually spectacular and dramatic, against the backdrop of the end of French colonialism, intertwined with a tragic lovestory which further empasises the cultural divide. This film presents Vietnam as a beautiful landscape, as an emerging nation culturally distinctive with a cuisine that matches.

Summer rolls with shrimp and jicama
with a spicy Peanut sauce
Calamari & fennel salad with chilli-lime dressing
Curried noodle soup with chicken
Fiery shaking beef with watercress served with baguette
Stir-fry of asparagus and mushrooms
Banh dua ca ra men / Creme Caramel