Established in 2001, Coriander Leaf has come a long way from the first outlet at the Gallery Hotel. The Coriander Leaf brand is now one of the most recognized names in Singapore’s food and beverage industry. This multi-concept brand encompasses an award-winning Pan-Asian restaurant which has a restaurant space for 50 diners, a private dining room for an additional 20, an exquisite bar and two purpose-built cooking studios which are a part of our culinary education program!

Dining out with the family, be it a celebration or just a casual evening together, is always very special. That’s why it’s so important that Coriander Leaf is a restaurant where families can come together to share small plates and experience a wonderful meal together in a lovely setting.

To enhance that experience, we take our guests through an unforgettable culinary journey through Asia, evoking memories of authentic flavours and journeys, creating a complete and exceptional sensory experience for couples, families, visitors to Singapore, business diners through to discerning epicureans.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

culinary team building /
corporate bonding

Anthropologists often use the term ‘commensality’ to describe the special bond between people who eat together. It is well documented that food has the unique ability to unite people in a relaxed atmosphere. Coriander Leaf culinary team building / corporate bonding programs were developed with that point in mind. Suitable for inter-department team bonding, top management team building, client-relations, regional meeting gatherings, or as an ice-breaker prior to a workshop or the closing activity for quarterly meetings… we incorporate organisational objectives through the way we structure critical components within the programme.

The team building session is in the format of a fun cooking competition; where although it is not a formal activity, the program has been designed to include successful elements of team building throughout.

culinary education

With a long standing track record in Asian cuisine, through our culinary education team, Coriander Leaf is aiming to act in a thought leadership capacity and be at the forefront of innovative culinary experiences and learning. Whether it is conventional cooking classes, developing new and innovative courses, expanding to the online cooking community, or delivering a distinct variety of unique and memorable cooking experiences, Coriander Leaf has always pushed the boundaries and created a reputation for culinary excellence.

At our core is Asian cuisine, yet this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the depth and breadth of culinary courses we aim to provide.

We design menus that provide our guests with a strong grounding. In this way, our guests learn specific dishes as well as the insights and techniques necessary to become an insider in the cuisines of Asia! We emphasize home cooking and stick mainly to dishes that one can replicate at home. Our cooking studios are equipped with home cooking appliances reinforcing our commitment to teaching our guests something they will incorporate into their standard repertoire. Each class presents an integrated menu that can be prepared at home rather than a random selection of dishes.


At Coriander Leaf Catering we aim to elevate the catering experience and take our clients through a gastronomic journey with elegant, authentic Asian cuisine derived from traditional recipes, spiced with innovative ingredients, and garnished with a twist of the unexpected.

With a brand new central kitchen, and a completely dedicated operations team, Coriander Leaf Catering aims to provide you with our much loved signature cuisine and authentic flavours for all your events. We offer bespoke menus, delectable canapés and customized experiences.

Be it a private gathering, an outdoor event, a corporate launch or a boardroom meeting, we are a catering company that understands your needs and takes pride in delivering your event flawlessly.

“Rejuvenate your palette“