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A real management course – one person gets a bunch of people to do what she wants them to do and the people even enjoy it. And the results are brilliant. Thanks for the nice evening.
Very nice to see everyone’s cooking. Lots of great cooks at Visa! Awesome fun!! CSS is cooking! We got together-and-bonded => cooked killer dishes. Laid back, professional & fun! Great team bonding! Great team building fun! Great event fantastic bonding. Great time!
Fun process, & the food blows me out of my mind even though we are all amateurs. Very fun experience to cook with people whom we work with – nice to see the other side of the personality of your colleagues. Excellent set up – pleasant chefs made it all that much better.
It’s great fun – lots of enjoyment. Fantastic team building event – Great venue. Great concept – enjoyed it. Different concept, great fun & new interest. Great teamwork, Lots of takeaways – Very well done!! Greatest PWC experience ever. Fantastic fun – Well done!!! Great team building – with fun & food! Enjoyed so much!! Excellent idea & very well executed! Unique – very interesting.
Bravo! Everybody was engaged & talking & connected. the feast was amazing. Super team effort!! Definitely an ice-breaker – when you are thrown into a challenge like that, all reservations are thrown out of the window – thoroughly enjoyable. Also, good bonding time with our bosses, it’s truly enjoyable! Superb, fun & great team bonding.
It took me by surprise, but it was a wonderful experience. Very interesting part of program. I was impressed. Excellent session to develop team work & camarderie. An excellent activity to bond participants. Interesting idea but should be done in more casual attire. Very imaginative & creative – Superb! A natural way to break the ice amongst participants – not to mention the great food!

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